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Good Heavens! is a procedurally generated open world crafting RPG for 1-8 players. Be a farmer, hunter, trader or warrior and explore the promised lands full of different races and cultures. Lead the heavens to salvation or who cares, find the best werewolf tavern and get drunk.


Welcome to Xant-Rar, the glorious afterlife for video game characters where they go after deletion in their individual worlds. It's a world of peace and pleasure, but noticeably (and thankfully) lacking in players farming them for experience and loot. At least it's supposed to be… the Mighty Rar, god of the digital afterlife, may have made a few mistakes recently that need some outside help to set everything back on track again.

It's up to the players *sigh* to enter this simulated afterlife to fight, craft, and farm across these floating islands Meet the denizens of this place and survive long enough to fix what Mighty Rar broke- *ahem* forgot to iterate upon.

It all just makes you want to scream, “Good Heavens!”

Coromon Grass



Good Heavens! is a tongue -and-cheek afterlife simulation, set in a god crafted world who just didn't know any better. To be honest, Xant-Rar is a mess, and really needs some Quality Assistance Testing.

These idyllic islands might as well be deathmatch maps for all the NPCs "enjoying" their afterlife. Hedonistic dark metal elves, hippie demons, capitalist werewolves, devoutly religious zombies, all are at each other's throats.

Watch your step - the islands float. If you don't pay attention, you may run afoul of a foul-mouthed valley or a pointy stick with an attitude that a careless NPC "left behind".


Bugfixing Mighty Rar's creation requires skills. Employ a dynamic class system, mixing and matching abilities to create just the right character for any playstyle. Crafter? Explorer? Trader? Jack-of-all-trades? If this is heaven, there has to be options!

Solve dozens of quests, bringing peace to the suspended terrain and levitating cities up from the rubble, showing NPCs how it's done (again) ((sorry)).

Solo the game for bragging rights... Or collaborate with other players to salvage Rar's creations in XX person multiplayer!


The afterlife is home to more than just clueless NPCs however. Rar might have inadvertently created a home for something, much worse in-between these lines of code...

Yes, worse than the farting cauldrons, swords that talk back, and invisibility pantaloons.

Until that mystery is uncovered, Mighty Rar just needs you to get going, like right now. What are you waiting for? This divine job won't do itself!


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