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Terracotta is a meticulously crafted pixel-art action puzzle adventure with unique world shifting mechanics. Set the forsaken spirits of the ancient Chinese Terracotta Army soldiers free, fight unique bosses and uncover the long forgotten secrets of the bygone empire.


Terracotta features a huge number of unique puzzles that will test your creativity. The mysterious ability to channel your YIN allows you to switch realms, paint with light and form walls, activate ancient mechanisms and influence your surroundings freely in a variety of interesting ways.

Coromon Grass



You will encounter 9 unique bosses, each representing different traditional values, elements of nature and universal laws connected to the phases of the Qi. Each fight will symbolize a different theme and will require you to craft a distinctive strategy using your set of skills in a creative manner.


You have a distinctive ability to switch between the realms of YIN and YANG:

  • YIN represents the ruins of the mausoleum as you’ve found it - where the warriors are just dusty terracotta figures and the walls are dead and empty. It embodies darkness, solitude, tranquility and isolation. It's the domain of logical thinking, in which you can take your time to devise your strategy as well as prepare and shift your surroundings – channel your energy to create walls, activate mechanisms or summon the power of the elements.

  • YANG, on the other hand, represents the afterlife of the Emperor Qin. In this dimension the spirits are fully awakened and ready to protect the tomb with all their might. It’s the realm of light, rush, disorder and life. In this reality you’ll have to focus on your physical skill while executing the strategy you have prepared. You will have to be as swift as the wind, running, dashing and leaping forward to avoid enemy attacks or collect the sources for YIN.

The game works as a pendulum and finds equilibrium through the endless loop of change between both dimensions.


You are an unarmed soldier, awakened by the energy of Tao deep within the ruins of the mausoleum, surrounded by thousands of warriors that consider you a threat. However, your goal is not to defeat any of them; your purpose is simply to restore the equilibrium of energies once broken in the underworld and lift the curse enslaving these valiant souls.


The game is deeply inspired by the aesthetics of traditional Chinese paintings and takes a deep dive into the history of the Qin dynasty, depicting both the great deeds and the obsessions of the Emperor. Immerse yourself in this captivating portrayal of one of the most fascinating pages of Chinese history from the erection of the Great Wall, incredible military victories, to the unification of the language and the burning of books, all set within splendid gardens full of art and accompanied by a gorgeous soundtrack inspired by traditional Chinese instruments.


In the real world, the Terracotta Army wonder of Xi'an is truly astonishing not only because of its magnitude, but because no two warriors are the same. The game captures the same essence, presenting you with 8,000 unique enemies designed separately and hand-drawn in pixel art.


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