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Cat Cafe Manager Serves Cat-puccinos on Nintendo Switch, PC Today

UTRECHT – April 14, 2022 – Cat Cafe Manager, the charming restaurant management and feline adoption simulator from developer Roost Games and publisher Freedom Games, serves scrumptious bowls of wholesomeness for Nintendo Switch as well as PC via Steam and Epic Game Store today.

Enter the cozy community of Caterwaul Village, where warm welcomes and adorable kitties go hand-in-hand. The family business, Granny’s cafe, beckons for a grand reopening and the latest resident of Caterwaul is the person for the job. Create delectable dishes, get to know the locals, and aid fuzzy residents in finding their fur-ever home all while uncovering a magical mystery.

Boost the cafe’s appeal by welcoming in more of Caterwaul’s four-legged residents and learning their personality quirks. Befriend colorful characters like Carla-Lala, a helpful witch who understands the pressures of walking in family footsteps, to learn about the village’s culture and earn presents from friends. Breathe new life into Granny’s cafe with redesigned interior decor and hire fresh staff yearning to care for fluffy and human customers alike.

Choose from an amalgamation of decor and menu selections to attract newcomers of all varieties like fishermen and witches to increase profits and spend on the cafe’s expansion. Build additional rooms with special themes of any desired design from the wallpaper down to the lamps on end tables. Craft a menu with everyone’s favorite snacks and regular coffee orders to make this café a direct line to a relaxation station.

“Connecting with a happy cat is an experience that just sticks with you,” said Rick Sorgdrager, Lead Game Designer and Writer, Roost Games. “Cat Cafe Manager empowers cat lovers to create these magical encounters for others daily!”

Cat Cafe Manager is available on Nintendo Switch as well as Windows PC via Steam for $19.99 featuring English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese language support.

For more information on Cat Cafe Manager, please visit the official website, join the Discord community, and follow the team on Twitter.

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