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Dream Tactics: is launching on PC 4/15/2024

British Columbia, Canada— 4/15/24 — Dream Tactics, embark on an epic journey in Dream Tactics, where tactical card synergy and intricate character customization drive your quest to save the Dream World from certain demise brought to you by Spectra Entertainment Inc and publisher Freedom Games, for its release on PC via Steam 4/15/24.“Dream Tactics”Step into the realm of Dream World as Neru, an unexpected hero, as she rallies a diverse band of allies to save their universe from the looming menace of Dream Eater. With a unique blend of strategic card play and character customization, Dream Tactics offers an immersive experience where each decision impacts the fate of a whimsically perilous world. Harness the power of over 100 dynamic cards, engage in thought-provoking battles, and navigate a story of courage, magic, and tactical genius as you strive to avert the collapse of an entire realm.

What you can expect:

  • Engaging Narrative: Join Neru, the unlikely hero, in her quest against the ticking clock to learn the magic of Reverie and rally a team against the formidable Dream Eater. Your actions and choices directly impact the unfolding story and the fate of the Dream World.

  • Strategic Gameplay: Engage in tactical RPG battles where strategic card combinations and character customization pave the way to victory. Your decisions shape the journey as you strive to prevent the Dream World's collapse.

  • Dynamic Card Combos: With over 100 unique cards, experiment with different strategies and create powerful combos. Each turn offers new possibilities with a fresh hand of cards to play, challenging you to adapt and overcome.

  • Character Customization: Assemble your dream team by picking allies from the diverse cast of characters you meet along your journey. Trade cards between characters to develop distinctive play styles and utilize strategic item equipping as your party members level up.

  • Vibrant World: Explore the beautifully designed Dream World, inspired by the nostalgia of GBA-era classics. The terrain and environment are not just backdrops but play a critical role in your tactical maneuvers during battles.

“Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey with Dream Tactics, where your strategic mastery shapes the fate of a vibrant world teetering on the edge of fantasy and reality!"

‘Dream Tactics’ will be available on PCs on Steam for $17.99 USD on 4/15/24.

For more magical details and updates on “Dream Tactics”, visit the Freedom Games Official Website, and follow Spectra Entertainment Inc on X/Twitter and join their community on Discord

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