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Previous FANDOM President, Gamepedia Founder Both Reveal Game Dev Focused Today

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – March 11, 2022 – Freedom Games continues a fruitful Q1 this year with today’s launch of, an ad free, game developer and community focused wiki platform. This passion project from previous FANDOM president, Donovan Duncan, and Gamepedia founder, Ben Robinson, invites developers of all sizes to join and create a hub for their communities.

Terraria, Coromon, Dark Deity Among The First To Join Ad Free Wiki Platform

Freedom Games, since its founding, has aimed to be an indie publisher with a “developer-first” approach with every game it supports. Their project is no different. Duncan and Robinson’s extensive wiki creation and management expertise over the past ten years has already secured the trust of Re-Logic, the legendary developer behind the 35-million copy selling worldwide hit, Terraria. Two other popular titles from Freedom Games, Coromon and Dark Deity, will also have wikis launching today to support their dedicated communities.’s developer focused model converts online traffic on each game’s wiki into credits that can be spent to place promotions on other wikis, during major updates or announcements, with that developer’s approval. This format not only allows developers to support each other’s projects, but also introduces their communities to more worlds to explore through the power and depths of wikis.

“We have always wanted to create and whole-heartedly support indie game communities,” said Ben Robinson, co-founder, Freedom Games. “In our talks with partners and colleagues over the past year, we realized there was a hole in the indie game industry that we were more than qualified to fill. is meant to be used as a no-cost tool for developers to support not only each other, but their communities as well. We are all sick of ads turning the wiki browsing experience for fans into such a hassle, which is why has none and never will.”

Any developers or publishers that would like to move their existing wikis or create a new one for their community to thrive in, please get in touch with the team via this webpage.

For more information on, check out the official website and join the Terraria, Coromon, and Dark Deitywiki communities.

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