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Open world survival game set in a tropical environment. Meditate, base build, hunt, gather, explore and craft


Retreat To Enen is an open world, survival game featuring foraging, gathering, fishing, crafting meditation and exploration.

The game is set in 3600 C.E. After humanity had brought itself to the brink of extinction, a new society has formed. This society has a new reverence for nature and the Earth's environment. As a rite of passage, you are sent to the legendary island of Enen to live off the land, increase your connection to nature, and become more mindful.

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We have consulted with multiple mental health professionals throughout the process to ensure that the game is providing the most relaxing and engaging survival experience possible. Throughout the island the player will find meditation points that will take them on guided meditations, and breathing exercises that will unlock new items to craft.

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Enen is a large island that you will need to explore to locate new mediation points and gather enough resources to build their perfect camp. The island includes beautiful tropical beaches, lush forests, and breathtaking underwater environments. The dynamic weather system, day night cycle, and interactive foliage will fully immerse you in the world of Enen.

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Everything you need to survive can be found on the island. Start with basic traps and foraging and eventually travel the island by kayak, sleep in a large hut with an indoor fireplace, and even soak in your hand crafted hot tub.

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