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Lead Software Engineer -

The Lead Software Engineer on the team is responsible for feature development and iteration. This includes assisting with building an engineering roadmap, efficient iteration and feature delivery, and ensuring platform reliability. Accomplishing this will require a strong engineering skillset, cross-team coordination and team leadership.

The position operates within the Freedom Games Technology team, which also includes Central Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Developer Support. Freedom Games wants each Developer we work with to feel that their games are operated and maintained with the utmost respect for their investment and time into their games while providing the best product for our customers.

What you’ll do

  • Leverage modern web technologies to design and develop an emerging web platform in the indie gaming ecosystem

  • Drive engineering excellence on a growing, web-focused team through effective use of development best practices and modern technologies

  • Work closely with other departments to gather requirements and feedback

  • Implement reliable CI/CD practices to enable rapid feature delivery

  • Implement user-facing data visualization tools, data ingestions pipelines, and efficient APIs

  • Mentor teammates and cultivate a team environment of experimentation and growth

  • Help prioritize and create an iterative development roadmap

  • Work within AWS and other cloud infrastructure ecosystems

What we need

  • Previously held a position as a Senior Engineer (or higher) on a web-focused team

  • Experience with team leadership and delivering incremental releases

  • Experience with modern Javascript/Typescript frontend frameworks

  • Experience with modern web frameworks (e.g. Express, Flask, NextJS)

  • Experience with modern API development principles (e.g. RESTful)

  • Experience with AWS or other cloud infrastructure ecosystems

  • Experience with MySQL, Redis

  • Familiarity with data ingestion and data warehousing

  • Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines

  • Familiarity with software testing best practices and frameworks

Who you are

  • You have a passion for delivering a quality web experience to users

  • You seek feedback and use it as a tool for improvement for yourself and your work

  • You care deeply about the quality of your work

  • Results-oriented and enjoy creating processes when they increase efficiency

  • Able to make decisions with the best information available, and still embrace failure as a stepping stone to success

  • Operates with transparency and trust, and is comfortable having others involved early

  • A culture add, that possess skills and experiences that round out the existing team

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