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Neon Blight Shines Bright on Steam April 28, 2022

MONTREAL - March 10, 2022 - Neon Blight, the brightly-colored bullet-hell shopkeep manager roguelite from developer Bleeding Tapes and publisher Freedom Games, sets up shop in the heart of Windows PC via Steam on Thursday, April 28, 2022.

Welcome to Eden, a megacity home to luminous lights, endless gunfights, and cybernetic action. Explore a world scarred by the explosion of the Yellowstone volcano and scavenge the dangerous city border to make a living. Encounter formidable foes like gangsters, blight zombies, drones, and cyber-goons in classic shoot ‘em up, roguelite combat. Discover hidden secret equipment and lore all while collecting countless one-of-a-kind guns to sell at the newly established weapons shop.

Excellent financial management skills are just as key to surviving in the future dystopia as a quick trigger finger, dodging and rolling. Introduce Lara, a retired loose-cannon cop, to the locals of the megacity underbelly to learn their equipment preferences and get the word out around her new fully customizable gun store.

After decking out the walls and floor space with decor and merchandise, lead Lara back out to the border across more than 200 zones like swamps, old bunkers, snowy forests, and research labs to hunt for additions to the store’s stock. Take note of available routes each day and time as the underbelly borders are ever-changing; only making some zones and rewards available during specific windows of opportunity.

“Neon Blight is a playground for post-modern ‘80s, neon, and cyber esthetics that acts as a great entry point into the bullet-hell subgenre,” said Enrique Poirier, Lead Developer, Bleeding Tales. “The doors to Eden are nearly open and the gun shop still needs a name…we are looking forward to what everyone will pick once they arrive in the megacity in April!”

Neon Blight will be available on Windows PC via Steam for $XX.XX with XXX language support.

For more information on Neon Blight, please visit the official website and follow on Twitter, Discord, and search for #NeonBlight on social media.

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