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Soothing Narrative Adventure Puzzles for Clef Deciphers July 27 PC Release

KYIV, UKRAINE – June 10, 2023 – Puzzles for Clef, the adorable narrative puzzle platformer from developer Weasel Token and publisher Freedom Games, sets off on a wholesome journey across an island hiding myriad secrets on PC via Steam on Thursday, July 27, 2023, with a launch on Nintendo Switch slated for later this year.

Follow the call for family as Clef, an inquisitive bunny presented with a winding, puzzle-filled mission from her sister, Cres. Follow Cres’ map across the enchanting island Clef’s ancestors once called home, solving intricate puzzles to unearth treasures and illuminating secrets about Clef’s familial history. Encounter the island’s whimsical denizens, from an artisan blue-footed booby to a towering mechanical dragon, and fulfill their wishes along the way.

Tour the island and admire beautiful sceneries of lush bamboo forests, crystalline caves, and magnificent clock towers hiding cipher codes and byzantine secrets behind every corner. Piece together every detail to uncover the paramount mystery that lies in Clef’s path. Every riddle and island inhabitant holds important clues worthy of deep investigation.

Carefully search every nook and cranny for energy crystals of lumenium and tonitrum to restore bell shrines across the island. Bask in the bells’ peaceful chimes as they return harmony to each region. Coupled with a magnificent Indie Cup-nominated soundtrack, Clef’s journey becomes a therapeutic experience for the eyes and ears.

"Our development sessions for Puzzles for Clef have also acted as reminders to pay attention to our mental health in the face of such tensions in our country and the world,” said Alexander Molodkin, Founder of Weasel Token. “We hope our audience takes the time exploring the island as a way to take in a deep breath and relax. Everyone needs to look after their mental health sometimes, and we’d like to believe we’ve created an outlet as healing for our community as it has been for us.”

Puzzles for Clef comes to PC via Steam on Thursday, July 27, 2023, as well as Nintendo Switch later this year. For more information about Puzzles for Clef, please check out the official website and join the community on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

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